Blogging Overview

In 2005 BusinessWeek Published A Seminal Blog Article

Business Week 2005

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In 2005, BusinessWeek ran a cover story that announced - essentially to the business community - that blogging had arrived as a powerhouse communication and marketing medium. Little did the authors know the incredible "legs" this story would have. It still ranks in the search engines today.

In that article, the authors pronounced, "Go ahead and bellyache about blogs. But you cannot afford to close your eyes to them, because they're simply the most explosive outbreak in the information world since the Internet itself. And they're going to shake up just about every business -- including yours."

It was impossible then - no matter the scope of their imagination - to fathom just how vital blogs of all types would become in the following years.

In 2008, The Future Caught Up With Them

So, in 2008, BusinessWeek was virtually forced to revisit the subject with another, vastly updated cover story. The magazine could not predict what would happen next.

"The magazine article, archived on our Web site, kept attracting readers and blog links. A few professors worked it into their curricula, sending class after class of students to the story. With all this activity, the piece gained high-octane Google juice." In a world where anybody with an internet connection can become a publisher, blogging seems here to stay.

Business Week Cover 2008

What may be most important is that companies must harness this power for themselves. At the conclusion of this article, Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine had this comment:

"Next, I think, BusinessWeek's readers will see that social media are changing their fundamental relationship with customers to be less about serving and more about collaborating. No, I don't mean that every product will be the product of a committee. But customers who want to talk will, and smart companies will not just listen but will engage them in decisions. This will have an impact not just on PR and image but on product design, marketing, sales, customer service—the whole company. Three years from now, I predict BusinessWeek's cover won't be about blogs or tools but about companies as communities."

So blogging and distribution of content to other internet media and content site will be essential to promote the dialogue between more successful companies and their communities.

Our mission in the blogging space is to help companies get the exposure and buzz they deserve from a comprehensive content strategy. We're also helping clients develop their own communities.