We provide a range of services all designed to increase your visibility using modern, proven techniques that work today. SEO is an ever evolving science and art which requires constant study and appropriate modifications to content.

Each service is tailored to the individual client. Often, individual services are combined to increase effectiveness and offered as a package. Please explore our site to review our ideas and work.

Content marketing is proving to be the way to promote a product or brand just as traditional media’s influence continues to fade. What is content marketing? Sonja Jefferson, a UK based expert sums it up:

“In a nutshell it’s the art of winning business without pushy selling...Traditional companies like Scottish firm McKay Flooring, whilst keeping their product-based website, invests time and energy into a regularly updated and very inspiring wood-floor related blog (http://blog.mckayflooring.co.uk/), a lively Twitter feed, Facebook page and Pinterest too. All this valuable content raises awareness, builds trust in their brand and develops new relationships, boosts their Google rating and brings them business..”

Source: Sonja Jefferson (http://www.valuablecontent.co.uk/a-quick-introduction-to-content-marketing/)

Digital news site Mashable reports in their research findings that 44% of direct mail is never opened, 86% of people skip through television commercials etc. As buyers we’re all sick and tired of pushy, propaganda-style in-your-face style marketing. We’re sick of cold calls from people we don’t know, toss mail solicitations in the round file and ignore as much other advertising as we can. Content marketing is quite the opposite of old-style advertising. It’s a more meaningful, comfortable, and welcome form of marketing – for buyers and sellers alike – and it is bringing businesses the results they need.

That’s why we provide it. And we do it well.

This matrix (below) was created to help companies and agencies brainstorm ideas for content media marketing for different objectives. It’s a good starting point to determine the kind of content you want. When we provide content, we help you decide in advance which kind of content you want and how you want to influence the consumer with it. The best long-term content strategy is to mix up styles to maintain the consumer’s interest. 

Content MatrixClick on image to see in larger format.

Source: http://www.smartinsights.com/content-management/content-marketing-strategy/the-content-marketing-matrix-new-infographic/ Used with permission.