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How To Retire Early – And One Method To Achieve It

Most workers dream of a happy and fulfilling retirement. Some dare to dream of a blissful early retirement. Is that you? How to retire early is one subject. What you might really want to do is reflect upon why retirement is an attractive state and mull over what you will actually do in retirement.

This article is mostly about the where of early retirement. We’ll add some motivation to your planning by exploring here one of the truly great retirement locations.

If you want to retire early, you will need to actively engage in retirement planning. We have plenty of planning tools and strategies to help you retire early. However, today, we’re going to focus on one method of planning for an early retirement and one fantastic, wonderful place to live in your retirement years (or even earlier).

You’ll hear the same advice just about everywhere. Forget that $5 latte at Starbucks and, instead, keep a death grip on that money until you can stuff it into your savings. Most of us skip the latte and reward our virtuous morning behavior by having a scrumptious Big Mac, fries and a Coke for lunch (for $5) instead of eating the lunch we brought from home!

Let’s face it. Some days being frugal can be a drag.

If you’re considering retirement planning options, what will inspire you to be able to figure out alternative ways to fund a retirement lifestyle? One excellent strategy is to lower your retirement living costs by moving to a less expensive and more retirement-friendly place. So, to help keep your savings motivation strong, your retirement fund robust, and your attention firmly fixed on a great lifestyle in your future, I’d like to share with you one of the great retirement cities in the USA. Here’s one description of it –

“The granite mountains, covered with great pine forests, give a grandeur and beauty to the country which I have not seen elsewhere. The atmosphere is the perfection of temperature, seldom varying from 75 during my visit. The water is pure, cool, and refreshing, and abounds in every direction.”

That’s the description written by Charles D. Poston (considered to be “the Father of Arizona”) about 150 years ago writing to a friend about Arizona’s then territorial capital Prescott.

In earlier decades, the answer to how to retire early was for retirees to take a pension and flock to Sun City in Phoenix, AZ because of the warm weather. But 110 degrees during the day for much of the year means retirement there is mainly sitting in your air-conditioned capsule and watching Judge Judy reruns.

In Northern Arizona is Flagstaff. The temperature there can plummet into single digits in the winter and snow can often make the roads impassible. It’s not a comfortable place to retire.

Prescott is located about halfway between Phoenix and Flagstaff in space, travel time and lifestyle. It offers a perfect retirement lifestyle. The weather is moderate all year round and the average annual average humidity rings in at 45%. That means you won’t feel like you’re wading through water just to stroll around on the beautiful trails and it’s not dry enough to make your feel like the low humidity is sucking your face off your skull.

You won’t need a fortune to live there, either.

Here’s a few of the accolades the national media has bestowed on this still beautiful and unspoiled place.

  • One of the Top 5 Places to Retire – Money Magazine
  • An Emerging Art Town – American Southwest Magazine
  • Top “Green” Arizona City – Sperling’s Best Places 
  • One of Top 10 Most Popular Retirement Towns – 
  • Top 10 True Western Towns – True West Magazine (This is my favorite.) 
  • Top 20 Medium County Hospitals – Solucient (Great health care!) 
  • 1 of 7 Greatest Places to Live – Bottom Line 
  • Among Top 100 Cities to Live and Launch a Business – Fortune SmallBusiness 
  • In Top 10 “Dream Cities” – Sunset Magazine 
  • One of 50 Best Places to Live: The Next Great Adventure Towns – National Geographic Adventure Magazine (2008) 
  • Top Ten Public Spaces: #3 Courthouse Plaza – American Planning Association 
  • A Top Adventure Town – National Geographic Adventure Magazine (2009) 
  • 4th Best City for RetirementMoney Magazine (2010) 
  • 2nd Best Place to Retire in U. S. – Smart Money/Wall St. Journal (2010) 
  • One of 7 Top Trail Towns – Trail Runner Magazine (2009) 

One way to attain true financial freedom is to find a wonderful place to live where the cost of living is lower. As you manage expenses now and you actually do keep that latte fiver in your retirement account, take a virtual tour of one of the great retirement cities and imagine waking up in the morning to bird calls, looking forward to your one task of walking the dog, and keeping your one appointment with the sun slipping behind the mountains.

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[If you read that article, it kind of makes you want to move to Prescott, doesn’t it?]