You Don't Have A Gun, You Don't Want A Combat Knife, But This -

Blinding Flashlight could save your life!

Perfect accessory for night audits or any nighttime activity!

360 Real "Streetwise" Lumans - Waterproof - Zoomable - Adjustable Tactical Torch Lamp


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It's clear today that your personal safety is a risk - particularly if you have to travel through dark areas at any time. You may need to walk to your car after work. Your shopping trip to the mall may end after sundown. You may even be at risk jogging early or late in the day.

One basic self defense tool that's available to anyone is the super-bright tactical flashlight. It's legal to carry anywhere, it's accessible and​ easy to use.

Play the video below to see some self-defense tips from Sheriff Jim Wilson from American Guardian TV. (Please click on the image below to watch the video (Length: 1:17).

Your premium tactical defense light delivers an authentic and effective 360 powerful lumens directly into the eyes of your potential predator. On the proper setting, this flashlight will light up an area of up to 500 meters!

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If you put a 200 lumen T AC-Light in the eyes of someone coming at you, especially at night, they WILL be instantly momentarily flash blinded and will lose their night vision. Or they will be continuously unable to see well enough to focus accurately if you can keep it focused in their eyes.A strobe kept focused in the face of an attacker can also disorient them long enough to either allow you escape or give you a tactical defense counter attack advantage, by quickly sidestepping to flanking maneuver .Or keep them at bay while bringing attention to your situation enhanced by your yelling and screaming for help. All that seriously diminishes any criminal’s desire to continue.

Mahatma Muhjesbude 

Mahatma Muhjesbude is a former Spec-ops combat Vet, LEO, international security consultant, and private contractor. This is the pen name he uses for personal safety reasons. 

Your Tactical Flashlight Comes With A Premium List of Features & Benefits

Note: Batteries Are Not Included.

- This flashlight is waterproof

- Made of rugged, durable aluminum alloy​

5 Modes (with just a light touch of the power button​:

​High > Middle > Low > Strobe > SOS

High Quality Copper Contacts For Maximum Dependability​

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Predators use the darkness to their evil advantage. Take it away from them. Increase your odds of staying safe. Only head into dark spaces after you've lit up the night with your Tactical Flashlight - increased safety for just $17.95.

Woman alone in the foggy street

Gallup World Poll asked a simple, but critical, question:

"Do You Feel Safe Walking Alone At Night In The City Or Area Where You Live?"

45% of Woman Replied:

What Would You Say?

isn't it time to invest $US17.95 in your own safety?

Whether you feel it or not, a woman walking alone at night, or walking the dog at a regular time, or jogging on a trail after work as a are more at risk than you might like to think. Why not grab the limited time offer presented here and add a world class tactical flashlight to increase your peace of mind and safety?

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