The First Rule Of Making Money Online

Making money online is a huge topic. There are plenty of different ways to go about it. However, I have thought long and hard about what the first rule should be.

Most big-time gurus will say start making a list of people to whom you can mail your offers and ideas.​ That's why you'll very often read "the money is in the list." And, to a large extent, that's a good starting place. Kinda like Santa's list except everyone on your list is supposed to be nice, not naughty (unless you're marketing adult sites).

​You Got To Have Your Own Website

You'll always hear that you must have your own domain and web site. You know, a place on the web you can call all your own.​ A place that - unless you generate a lot of complaints about spam and such - nobody can mess with or take it away from you. On a site like Facebook, for example, they own that site, can dictate and change the rules at will and even simply banish your page from their kingdom. This rule is also a good one. 

I have my own place in cyberspace. You're on it right now. Cool, huh?​

It's very cool to have your own place on the internet, but it took me over a year to put up my own site and it was a sub-domain on somebody else's main site. In retrospect, I moved a tad too slowly. (Ya think?) OK, so I'm not a rocket scientist. However there's another philosophy I think should come before all others when you start trying to make money online.

Don't Try To Spend Yourself Rich

​This is not something you'll hear many people say. Since most people on the net are trying to make money, they're generally working mighty hard to sell you something. Their first rule is "you shall get other people to give up their money."  

It would almost be funny if it wasn't so pervasive. Sales pitches are everywhere! It's impossible to avoid them.

Just try this; sign up for a guru's list and you'll get an almost daily email pimping this system or that software. Every new offer is the best of it's kind in the world - better even than the one last week. Now sometimes it can make a real difference to invest in a tool or system that can really help your business.

 I'm just saying make sure that whatever it is in which you are investing will really help your business in some real, tangible way.

There are an awful lot of people who end up on the scrap pile of shiny objects they just had to have. What they don't have is money.

The Shiny Object Syndrome

​The "shiny object syndrome" refers to a new internet marketer's desire to have the newest program, system, software or training for sale on the internet. The marketers have developed this frenzied pitch into a science. They are determined to separate you from your money. Many don't care if you are successful or not. Some of them have not even ever used the methods they're selling you. Don't buy into it.

​I've been there. I have countless Warrior Special Offers or JVZoo products on my hard drive. I've spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars for these - to me, ultimately - worthless products. I finally slowed my buying of these things to a crawl and then virtually stopped buying when I realized I couldn't even remember the names of the last products I had bought.

Then I got to the point where I paid for a product and then never even downloaded it to see what it said or taught. For realz. ​So I stopped it completely. There are very few marketers from whom I will buy a product today.

So, what's my angle? It's pretty simple and straightforward. I work to develop valuable, original, useful content to my audience and get it in front of them in various ways. Then I make my money from my sponsors whose ads I place on my sites. For example, you can get information about the investment opportunity shown on the right side of this page without having to spend a penny. Same is true for the ad just below. Who really doesn't want to save money on groceries?​

Again, you don't have to spend a penny to get access to the offer below. If you do decide to look into it at all, I get paid a fee. But the payment doesn't come from you!​ Check it on the "Grocery Coupon" banner.

So, What's The First Rule Of Making Money Online?

Don't spend any money you don't absolutely have to​. Keep your wallet and your credit cards put away somewhere safe. Don't keep them close to your computer. There's countless ways you can start to make some money online without working hard (if at all), without risking a cent of your money, and without selling stuff the old Amway way (no disrespect intended - you know what I mean).

For example, I stumbled on a prepaid debit card program that just seemed too easy. You order a card for yourself for free. It comes in the mail. I used PayPal to load $43.00 on my card (could have done just $40.00). There's plenty of other ways to load money on your card, too. Then the card company drops $20.00 dollars onto my card as a new customer reward. Because I was part of their refer-a-friend program and had my referrer's referral number (very important!) So I now have $63 smakeroos on my prepaid debit card...all of which is mine, mine, mine to do with as I wish. ​I risked no money.

This program is for US residents only.

It gets better. If I tell my buddies or family members, or anybody, about it and they get their own cards, follow my path and each one of them gets their free $20.00 new customer bonus. If they used my referral number - and they dad-gum better have - the card company drops another $20.00 on my card for each new customer. I figure I can get over a hundred free dollars (or more) without risking a penny. And none of my friends, family or contacts had to risk or spend a dime of their hard-earned money. 

So, that's a program to which I give my big old thumbs up. Waaayyy Up. If you might like it too, then head on over to my other site that will tell you about it in a little more detail here or just click on the image up to the left. It's a way for you to make some money by dipping your toe in the water without getting all wet. Get mo' money without using yo' money. You feel me?

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