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The video case study above is the best way to see all the features of VidSpy Pro. Here are a few of the things you get with the software:

1. Number of views yesterday for each video (spot the best videos using the most important "hidden" metric on YouTube)

2. Number of views last 7 days for each video (spot trends within videos)

3. Number of comments for each video (saves time and opens an opportunity to get traffic from low comment videos)

4. Keyword Difficulty Score (know how easy or hard it is to rank for a keyword in YouTube search based on numerous tested ranking factors...rank at the top of YouTube search)

5. Average Daily Views with outliers removed (determine about how much traffic a search term has and how popular specific topics are to get more traffic to your videos).

6. Average Daily Views with outliers included (spot unusually successful videos with unusually high amounts of traffic so you can reverse engineer their topics, titles, channel, etc.).

7. Grab Titles (easy extract of all titles for a search or watch page on YouTube and copy directly to clipboard for easy use and reuse.)

8. Great Titles + Data (combine the titles with the daily views and last 7 days views for a totally unique way to analyze the best topics/title combinations.)

9. Grab Data (get the URL, title, views, etc. for each item in a Tab delimited format for easy sorting and analysis/usage. Great for managed placement bidding in YouTube advertising and also for analysis of most popular topics to model in your video marketing.)

10. Grab Tags (grab all the tags for all the videos on the page)

11. Grab Tags + Data (correlation of all tags with all videos to see the most important tags to include in your videos)

12. Display Tags (places all tags directly below each video to allow for analysis with the daily views and last 7 day views and comments metrics already displayed on the page.)

There is more also, and you can see some of the features in the video as well. Basically, if you want to get traffic to your offers using YouTube in any way (organic search, video ads, related video impressions, etc.) this plugin will help you do it faster and in a more strategic way.

If you like to watch and learn more about VidSpy Pro TM, please click here.